Clothing that brings together looking pretty while playing freely.

Duchess and Goose is a collection of limited edition infant and toddler clothing that brings together looking pretty while playing freely. Whimsical prints paired with unique smocking bring you a rare and beautiful addition to your loved one's wardrobe. Each item is lovingly handmade in California by a family business.

Hi, my name is Rachel and I want to share the timeless art of pleating and stitching with you through my handmade goods.

I am a full time fashion designer and production manager in the face paced Los Angeles fashion district. I am also a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a seamstress. I started Duchess and Goose as a creative escape; to break free from cookie cutter fashion and spend more time creating with my husband and two daughters.

I'm here to help other families dress their loved ones in handmade clothing, bringing creativity, love, and joy to their lives.

I have involved my entire family in my creative process, sharing this journey with them and now with you. I design, pattern, and sew all of our handmade items from the first snip to the last stitch. My husband, Jorge, comes from a family that’s been in the pleating and stitching business for two generations. He handles the complex machinery and completes the technical steps that bring all of my pleating and stitching visions to life. Our two daughters help by picking their favorite fabrics and sorting thread and buttons on the side.

Whether you're looking for that perfect unique outfit for that special event or photo shoot, or simply enjoy the handmade community as much as I do, you’ll find something to suit you in our shop. 

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Want to know more about Rachel and Jorge's background and history? Here are 12 fun facts about me and my family:

1. My mother taught me how to sew when I was 7 years old, but I didn’t discover the joy sewing brought me until high school when I made most of school wardrobe.

2. My first job as a teenager was at a wedding dress shop altering wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and even prom gowns for my classmates.

3. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a minor in both art history and theatre design as well as an associate degree in fashion design.

4. I started my first business, Iron Doll Clothing, when I was 26 years old selling athletic apparel and Roller Derby uniforms to over 500 teams in 8 different countries.

5. I played Roller Derby under the name Iron Maiven for 10 years.

6. I was in Drew Barrymore’s Roller Derby movie ‘Whip It’ as well as a Nike commercial featuring the sport.

7. I met my husband while working as a production manager and convinced him to come to one of my Roller Derby bouts. We were married 9 years later.

8. My husband’s family has been in the pleating and stitching business since the late 1950's.

9. Jorge continues to run his family business,, out of an 11,000 square foot facility just outside of Los Angeles, CA.

10. Jorge’s factory is home to over 200 pleating and stitching machines, my favorite is the elastic smocking machine.

11. If a machine doesn’t exist to complete the design requests of a customer, Jorge can build it.

12. Jorge has pleated and stitched everything from runway dresses to designer jeans for big name brands and even costumes for major theme parks, movies, and television.
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